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Happy Holidays

White Ware will be closed on December 24, 25, and January 1.
Happy Holidays!


Visit the Intel Product Center to learn more about the new Intel servers and processors available.

Zimbra 7.0

Zimbra Colloboration Server 7.0 has just been released by VMWare (well known as the leading Software Virtualization Provider).

Zimbra is a full featured EMail and Colloborative Calendar solution that is much more robust and cost effective than Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. It also includes a freely distributable client that can replace Microsoft Outlook, as well as Document Sharing an Colloboration, which requires SharePoint in the Microsoft world.

If you are considering upgrading your Exchange Server, or if you are considering it, Zimbra is well worth considering.

You can use the Zimbra Desktop Client on Windows, Mac OS or Linux PCs. It is available without cost and will work with your existing Mail Server.  It has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Outlook, but is more sophisticated and feature rich.

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Green Computing

There is a lot of discussion and interest today in environmentally friendly practices. Global climate change and the environment affect us all.

Green Computing is simply the practice of utilizing computer resources efficiently. Not only is it socially responsible and helps the environment, but it also benefits your business financially as well. There are a number of ways White Ware can help you create a “win-win” situation for your business and the environment.

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Microsoft Office and Free (or Cheap) Alternatives

Recently, Microsoft released Microsoft (MS) Office 2010, the latest version of their popular Office Suite, which includes familiar software such as Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point.

If you are using an older version of Office, such as Office 2003, you have four alternatives to consider:

  • Upgrade to MS Office 2010.
  • Switch to a free, Open Source equivalent such as Open Office or Lotus Symphony.
  • Switch to a free (or cheap) hosted equivalent, such as Google Apps.
  • If you are using Apple Mac OS X switch to iWork, a less expensive alternative.
  • Do Nothing.

Each approach has its virtues and drawbacks, which we'll briefly examine. Doing nothing is
certainly the least expensive approach in the short term, but you may be missing opportunities
for long term cost savings, as well as new features and support.

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Buying a Computer Monitor

If your computer monitor has finally died, or has the background screen from Windows
permanently etched onto it, the time has come to replace it.

In recent years computer monitors have undergone a complete transformation. Gone are the
bulky CRT monitors that could heat an office in winter. CRT Monitors have been almost totally replaced by LCD flat panel displays.

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